Gabriel Tomitsuka

COO/CTO @ Red Ink Review

Venture Capital Intern @ Deutsche Börse

Technology · Finance · Product Management · Software Engineering · Strategy

Me in New York


I'm a student with a passion for technology, finance and business development/strategy, with experience as a software engineer and project manager.
Currently, I serve as Chief Technology Officer at Red Ink Review, where I am responsible for development and implementation of digital strategies.

My strongest skill is software engineering and I have experience with AI & ML - more on this on my experience page.

Personally, I am a long distance runner and swimmer and love kart racing. Former player and strategist for the Windigo eSports Rainbow Six: Siege team.
I enjoy traveling and always place emphasis in broadening my perspectives and understanding other views.
I also have an odd love for complex tasks/problems and enjoy reading books and research papers on theorems and unsolved problems of our time.
A long-term personal dream of mine is to use finance and technology to facilitate inclusion and open doors to more underserved people.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and am currently located in Bielefeld, Germany.

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Software Engineering & Project Management

Over the past few years, I have worked with Python, JavaScript/Node.js, and PHP on projects for both enterprises and startups.

More recently, I began working with AI & ML, further completing STAT110x and "Using Python for Research" by HarvardX and implementing it in competitions.
Prior to my position at Red Ink Review, I managed projects as a freelancer and lead developer across various industries.

While most of my recent work is subject to an NDA, this virtualization system is one of most my complex projects: the now-defunct forum hosting platform used it to host unlimited forums on the same server without limiting external domains.

I am currently mostly working with Python, both at Red Ink Review and during my internship at Gorila Invest, a fintech created to help users take control of their investments.

I have accepted a summer internship at the Deutsche Börse AG (German stock exchange), where I will develop Python prototypes.

I have been awarded a second prize from the Bundeswettbewerb Informatik (German National Olympiad in Informatics) and participated in the Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz (German National Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence) - still awaiting rank and result.

I worked with PHP/MySQL professionally for the marketing agency TREU (now defunct) over a time frame of two years. My projects there included a VR game designed to engage young people during job fairs and the website of the regional Child Protection Agency.

I started programming with 11 - back then, my favorite video game, LEGO Universe, shut down its servers and I decided to help on a project to build a clone, where I developed numerous personal and development skills.

Me with FDP chairman Christian Lindner


Mitglied der FDP und Jungen Liberalen.

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